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Spark Machinery manufactures machines for the processing of moving materials.
It designs, develops and manufactures its own brand of machines for converting, systems for the induction of controlled permeability and unassisted stand-alone production lines.
Design for third parties: Feasibility studies, design, development, realization, testing, installation, manuals and assistance for third parties.

Cross-cut pre-cutter model PC10

The PC10 transversal pre-cutter is a motorized device to be installed as host unit in extruders, cutting machines, printing machines, welding machines and on all production lines, even complex ones, for pre-cutting films of various materials and thicknesses in motion with customizable width.
The device makes easy tear openings on bags, garbage bags, etc., and is able to process various materials through a system of toothed blades.

Technical Sheet Model PC10
Description Transversal precutting device on moving film
Maximum speed 200 mt / minute (*)
Distance of pre-cuts Min. 60mm to Max 100mt
Type of head-cut Transverse
Material passage Max 4500mm
User interface touch screen 12”
Pre-cutting operation
  • Dedicated PLC
  • Industrial computer
  • Software with 4.0 predisposition
  • Recipe management
  • Recipe storage
  • Photocell
  • Encoder
  • Trolley on wheels
  • Trolley on rails
  • Electrical trolley with cart

Pre-cutting is carried out by the pre-cutting unit composed of a blade roller and a contrasting roller. The film passes through the two rollers which come into contrast, pre-cutting the material. The approach of the rollers takes place through the pneumatic system.
The drive system is composed of driver, encoder and servo motor that synchronize the speed of the blades shaft with the speed of the material stroke, reaching 300mt/min.*, avoiding the stretching of the material and ensuring always precise cuts even in presence of complex materials.

The machine is composed of:

  • PREPARATION SYSTEM by means of contrasting rollers (blade roller and contrasting roller), through which the moving film passes
  • MOTOR (motorized needle shaft)
  • DRIVING SYSTEM (with driver, servo motor and encoder)
  • WINDING ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM (manual adjustment)
  • CARTER (with driver and encoder)

The contrasting roller can be supplied in ground natural bristles, in plastic bristles or rubberized.
This contrasting roller supports the material while it is being pre-cut, thus ensuring the best results. With the adjustment system you can move the contrasting rollers closer or further away, deciding whether to enable or disable the cut and the depth of penetration into the material (on which the length of the cuts depends).